Want to be thrilled in under an hour? Check out some short crime reads that give you plenty of time to get back to the cubicle.

For fans of slasher films, there’s The Sweetest Kind of Chaos. 

Will a smooth-talking hustler get what he wants or what he deserves? Find out in Watching the Cards.

Gun-toting high schoolers learn a deadly lesson in Oedipus Shrugged 

Want dark noir based on a classic Prince song? Check out It Might Be Little But it’s Loud.

How about dark noir based on a classic Steely Dan song? We Can’t Dance Together.

Revenge killing suburbia? Why not? Liar’s Lemonade.

How about revenge killing in the rural south? Good Times There Are Not Forgotten

Nothing to Kill or Die for. A hit man takes an odd assignment: Save John Lennon.

Mutiny on the Pimp Wagon. Skullduggery on the high seas.

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